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[Open] GM/Dev Applications | Recruitment Template

Post#1 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:05 am

Recruitment is currently: Open

Think you have what it takes to resolve peoples issues in a friendly and dilligent manner? Like troubleshooting and resolving tough issues? Have working knowledge of mangoszero/cmangos/WoW Emulation and C++ or LUA?

Then we'd like to hear from you! Nostralia is currently recruiting for the following roles:

- Devs
- Graphic Designer
- GMs
- Moderators
- Marketing Experts

Please fill out the below template and email us at [email protected]. We will then get in contact with you if we feel you are a suitable candidate, or if we don't believe you meet our criteria we'll let you know either through reply email or through discord.

- First Name:

- Age:

- Country:

- Reason for applying for staff:

- Time playing WoW:

- Previous GM/Developer Knowledge:

- Is English your first language:

- Can you work with a team:

- Are you Responsible / Professional:

- Any Coding languages known (If applying for Dev):

- In-game Characters:

- Additional Info:

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