Open Transfers, Itemisation Update, Staff, And ZG!

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Open Transfers, Itemisation Update, Staff, And ZG!

Post#1 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:01 am

Hey Everyone!

The day has finally come! As most of you already know, there have been major changes including the release of Zul’Gurub, Open Transfers, and Progressive Itemization! Here are the things you need to know:


We’ve spent the last few days verifying transfer requests left right and center. There should be many new faces in the community, so for everyone that has been with us thus far, we hope you give them a warm welcome!

Remember, we will be churning out transfers every Server Maintenance event which occurs every Thursday morning. If you want to help the server grow, spread the news and tell your friends about it; The best form of advertisement is through word of mouth!


As I mentioned in our last announcement, we have made Nostralia fully progressive, inclusive of itemization. Now for the concerns raised by many of you, this abrupt change of direction (with little warning) will result in a number of dilemmas. We have therefore decided to replace some items that have had their item stats drastically changed (extreme cases), to the point that render them obsolete. This will not be a big list of items and the items will be specific in their use (mostly for healers and tanks).

If you feel that one of your items has had this drastic change, please submit an in game ticket. If it does not already exist in our list found in the General Discussion subforum post (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=708&p=1566#p1566), then we will look into the request and if it is approved, we will amend this list. If it is on this list, we will replace your item with its appropriate replacement item.


We look forward to seeing which guild/s are able to clear Zul’Gurub first! Remember, if you come across any bugs, please submit a bug report via our forums. We hope to see fewer bugs with every patch to come from here on, but we may see a couple in the next few days. So with your support, we’ll have everything sorted as soon as possible.


We’d like to welcome 2 new additions to the team, Sinqnew and Ishanah! Show them some love when you can - I also want to quickly mention that it is imperative that the community communicates with the staff in a respectful, straightforward manner. We do our best to cater to everyone’s needs, however there is only so much each individual can handle. Each of us have the best intentions for this server, although our personalities differ and sometimes our approaches, we do our best to uphold our GM protocols and server rules. We are here to help you, so it would only make sense if you help us too!

Anyhoo, thank you all once more for your patience. It has been a bumpy few weeks, but we hope to keep moving forward, and keep taking Nostralia to the next level. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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