Itemisation, Rules, and Open Transfers!

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Itemisation, Rules, and Open Transfers!

Post#1 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:02 pm

Hello Everyone!

This will be a lengthy post, however, important server issues are addressed. We hope the decisions we make today will be for the better.

Progressive Itemization & Loot Tables

We’ve got some great news but a little temporary hiccup to go with it! As some of you may have noticed, some items that shouldn’t be in the game yet have been dropping since the last patch (last week). We want to make sure this never happens again, and for something that we weren’t able to do in the past because of technical difficulties, we will be introducing proper progressive itemization to ensure loot table progression is maintained.

The hiccup is needing to rid the server from loot that isn’t patch appropriate (as most of you already know and have been asking about). But the good news is that we now have a fully progressive server! Yay!

Rule Additions/ Enforcement

We will be adopting some of Elysium’s rules to avoid unnecessary conflict on the server. The following rules have been added:

Safespotting is prohibited under all circumstances. This is the act of engaging in PvP combat while exploiting a position that cannot be reached with basic jumping (no wall-climbing), or engaging enemy players while being in an advantageous position where guards cannot reach you due to pathing, line of sight, or any other game mechanic.

Nostralia staff do not handle requests for reassignment of loot from one player to another when the item was accidentally awarded to the wrong player. Players are advised to exercise caution when choosing to roll on items and when master-looting.

As a side note, since Nostralia’s Discord channel is community-wide, any rules broken in there will result in consequences that will be translated to your in-game account (mutes for example).

Open Transfers

And now for the big news! We have been hearing you all out for the past few weeks. A lot of great points were made (and some that weren't as great), but we took all of them into consideration in order to formulate the best direction we can have Nostralia take. Bigger servers and smaller servers suffer from different political, logistical, technical issues, whether it’s the size of the team, providing consistent player support, responding to damage control, etc. The issue that resonates most amongst Nostralia is numbers. Numbers rake in numbers and if server growth and sustainability are going to be addressed for the long run, we will need to act upon it as soon as possible. The effects of any blunder that results in the loss of a few players is felt across the entirety of the playerbase and that is an ongoing issue that is unique to the oceanic Vanilla WoW playerbase because of its size.

Therefore, we have collectively decided to have indefinite open transfers to tackle this issue. Please note that these transfers will only come from 1x XP rate, blizzlike, vanilla servers with no pay to win mechanics whatsoever. This means that they went through the grind just as anyone leveling on Nostralia has. Please read the transfer procedure below so that you are aware of how they are conducted and that we ensure they are legitimate 60s.


  • The character MUST be level 60
  • The character must have come from a LIVE 1x XP rate, blizzlike, vanilla server with no pay to win mechanics whatsoever.
    The only exception to this is if your retail account possesses the Tabard of the Argent Dawn or the Tabard of the Protector Feats of Strength achievements, one or more of the Vanilla PVP titles as seen here:
  • You have NOT already made a transfer previously

What You’ll Be Getting:

  • Level 60 character of the same class but race of your choice (Paladins swapped to Shamans and vice versa)
  • Level 40 mount + riding skill
  • Class spells & weapon skills
  • Class-specific tier 0 set
  • 5 gold (for transport)

Transfer Procedure:

1. Submit a request via email to Nostraliawow with the following information (In the same order):

  • Old server details (name of server, type etc)
  • Character name, class, race, and guild on old server
  • Account username and email on old server (+ Battle-Net ID if transferring from Retail)
  • Account username and email on Nostralia
  • Nostralia channel discord username
  • Your timezone
  • Faction you plan on joining

2. Character Verification & Player Authentication:

  • You will be placed in a queue once your request is submitted, from there, please wait for a PM from a GM to your discord (repeatedly asking about your transfer won't speed up the process)
  • We will then go through the verification process which may differ from person to person to avoid potential exploits of this system. Please make sure you have a headset ready (and mic to speed up the process)

3. The Transfer:

  • If you have been successfully verified, create a character within your Nostralia account of whatever race and faction you choose (more information about faction balance below), same class as your old character, and customize your character’s appearance as you wish. Please be certain with what you’ve decided on as THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES ALLOWED PAST THIS POINT.
  • Once this is complete, please relay this newly made character’s name to the GM that has verified you
    Your transfer will be conducted during the next server maintenance.
  • And that’s it! Welcome to Nostralia!

Faction balance

We want to make it perfectly clear that we will not be liable or responsible for faction balance outcomes. These fluctuate regularly depending on a number of factors from guilds forming/ disbanding, to groups of friends joining/ leaving the server, to guild progression (raid logging), and even pure chance! Nonetheless, we will do our part by helping those transferring make an informed decision.

Important things to note:

  • You DO NOT get a retransfer after your transfer is conducted. Please take your time with the decision you make, get to know people on the server first, ask for advice, so that you are able to make an informed decision.
  • If you have been verified, please make sure you have your newly made character ready. Your transfer will not occur if you have not made a character.
  • You MUST join our Discord channel ( for the verification process to take place.
  • We will NOT be asking for your old server account password.

And that is all! Thank you all for your support, I can't stress this enough. It's always a pleasure conversing with every one of you. It means a lot to us that some of you care about the well-being of Nostralia. We will do our best to continually make it a better place for everyone. Take care!

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