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Transfers Verdict, Procedure and Patch 1.6!

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:11 pm
by Zed
¡Hola a todos!

Transfers Verdict

As of today, the end of the vote has come to 145-27 in favor of reopening cross-server transfers one final time. Therefore, since the team have agreed to go with it and the vote verdict supports this, it looks like we'll be doing just that! There are a number of things to mention here so please read this carefully to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion.


  • The character MUST be level 60
  • The character must have come from a LIVE 1x XP rate, blizzlike, vanilla server with no pay to win mechanics whatsoever
  • You have NOT already made a transfer previously

Quality of Transfers (D20) - What You'll Be Getting:

  • Level 60 character of the same class and race (please refer to section "Transfer Request & Balance" below)
  • Level 40 mount + riding skill
  • Class spells & weapon skills
  • Basic green (uncommon) item set

Transfer Timeline:

  • Transfer requests are to be sent in from the 9th - 15th (11:59 PM AEST) of July. Any transfer requests sent before or after this period will be disregarded.
  • Transfers will be processed from the 16th - 22nd of July. We are hoping to get all of them done in that time since we will be well equipped with a custom made transfer tool that Kel put together. However, if for any reason we don't, we will continue transfers that were sent in from the 9th - 15th (11:59 PM AEST) of July until they are all done.

Transfer Request Procedure & Balance:

We will be specifying the transfer request application outline on the 9th so that you are able to send us all the information we'll need to process your transfer. We will then be monitoring the transfer request faction balance until the 15th. Depending on our findings, we may or may not decide on a way to avoid it depending on the severity of the possible imbalance.

On the 16th, instructions for your transfer preparation and procedure will be released. These will outline any race related changes (if what is mentioned above becomes a reality), and what it is you can do to speed up the transfer process.

Patch 1.6 Pre-Launch

Alright everyone! During our weekly maintenence tomorrow, we will be releasing patch 1.6 excluding BWL and the attunement quest as mentioned in my previous announcement! Please report any bugs you may come across via our forum to get them fixed quickly.