Patch Release 1.7.0

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Patch Release 1.7.0

Post#1 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:22 pm

Some credit goes to the contributors to the open source Elysium repository.

  • All known crash reasons are fixed
  • Dynamic game objects like Pamela’s Doll, herbs and veins should now respawn as intended
  • Players and their pets now stop attacks and leave combat if exiting a free for all area like Gurubashi Arena. Also fixed the propagation of pvp flag if both players are in FFA mode
  • You will no longer receive an honor notification that you killed yourself if you hand in PvP marks, for example
  • Creatures like bears, panthers, tigers, monkeys will now fall randomly asleep at night time, some are more lazy
  • Received quest rewards don’t display twice in chat any longer
  • Goblin jumper cables are now useable on soulless corpses
  • You should no longer get fall damage just after you are resurrected
  • The hit calculation has been rewritten to be more accurate, the chance to miss is now lower. Also the PvP miss chance is now set to 5.0% as it should be
  • It is no longer possible to fall through water or lava after being mind controlled
  • Fix strange behavior on flight if you change your equipment
  • Fix rested status while being online and at an inn or in a capital city
  • Creatures cannot mind control you if you are alone
  • You can no longer miss an attack on a sitting player
  • A new .unstuck command is now available. It has 1 hour cooldown, cannot be used in combat, on flight paths, or in battlegrounds

  • Arathi Basin is now available
  • Flags in the Warsong Gulch should now respawn as expected.

Dungeon & Raid
  • Fix Nefarian’s class call sheeping far too many players on subsequent mage calls.
  • Zul’Gurub is now available
  • Azuregos changed his cleave spell from a 10 person cleave to a 2 person cleave with damage slightly above auto attack.
  • It is no more possible to pull Magistrate from Stratholme or the Goblins from BWL through doors

  • Pamela’s Doll Parts now respawn correctly.
  • It is no longer possible to spawn Ulag the Cleaver while he is already spawned.
  • The quest chain “Missing Diplomat” has been mostly rewritten.

  • Sweeping strikes warrior execute can proc now to other targets at 20% or less.
  • Sunder Armor can now proc melee effects

  • Farsight spell cannot be resisted any longer

  • Barkskin spell now reduces fall damage as well

Weapon Skill Fix
Existing melee/ranged miss calculations have been revised and modified to better reflect Vanilla WoW's values.n can be made that the 0.6% difference in base miss chance is valid from the 5% currently active on the server.

To summarize:

  • Hitcap scaling remains unchanged (0.1% at higher differences, 0.4% at lower)
  • Scaling switch point (the point at which the weapon skill formulas switch over) remains unchanged
  • Hitcap with 300 weapon skill is lowered from 9.00% to 8.60%, effectively no change
  • Hitcap with 304 weapon skill (Maladath, Anubisath Warhammer, etc.) is lowered from 7.40% to 7.00%, effectively 1%
  • Hitcap with 305 weapon skill (racials) is raised from 6.00% to 6.60%, effectively 1%
  • Hitcap with 307 weapon skill (Edgemasters) is raised from 5.80% to 6.40%, effectively 1%
  • Hitcap with 312 weapon skill (racial + Edgemasters) is raised from 5.30% to 5.90%, effectively no change, although it should be noted that with the corrected formula you gain an extra 1% hit over just the racial 305 skill

Fixed glancing blow calculation

The glancing blow calculation formula has been revised and modified to better reflect Vanilla WoW's formula. It is now based on the 0.91/ 0.99 formula with correct damage variations and average reductions.

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